Who we are

Morning Data is a high-tech team in whom professionalism and customer service are combined with vision and integrity. The names you see below are the voices you hear on the phone and the names you will see assigned to your queries on the support website. As clients you will know the individual members of staff and enjoy the confidence in consistency of staff identity and personal contact with the developers. There are no "smoke and mirrors", we are all here for you in the UK.

The Board

Kirstin Duffield

BSc(Hons), DipM, FBCS, CertCII-LIT, CertCA

Managing Director

Paul Buckle





Marek Cropper

BSc(Hons), PhD

Non-Executive Chairman

Donn Cantwell


Non- Executive Director

The Team

John Palmer

CertCII (London Market & Takaful), CITIP

IT Manager

Tricia Dare

Dip Com, HND Cert CII

Development Manager

Naomi Goff


Operation Manager

Sue Moore

Cert CII (London Market)

Company Sec & Office Manager

Scott Samways

BSc(Hons), Cert(Cii), FPC,CeMAP CeRGI

Support Analyst

Chris Perret


Application Developer

Jonathan McGraw

Bsc(Hons), ACII

Business Analyst 

Kevin Ayling


Accounts/BI Support Analyst


Haydn Dias


Application Developer

John Blakeman


Application Developer

Lianne Summers


Application Developer 

Peter Gelder

BSc(Hons), Cert CII (London Market)

App Developer & UI Controller


Sapphire Horie

FIT (Cii)

Accounts Administrator 


Sammy Jacob


Application Developer


Adam Petford


Jnr App Developer/Support

Keith Harwood


Oracle Developer