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Morning Data CHALIS Broker Portal    

Morning Data and Surely Services Ltd work in partnership to provide a web portal front-end solution. This will provide B2B Product deployement "Click and Bind", Policy Management front end to Morning Data's NOVUS Back office system for Brokers, Coverholders and MGAs and form part of the CHALIS suite of programs.  


Morning Data Flier 


Software has become the central hub to the operations of all players in the Insurance market. In many companies a plethora of different systems provide information on different parts of the business, requiring disparate skills sets, cross referencing and complex analysis to really see what is going on. NOVUS provides a single system for Reinsurance or Direct Brokers and other Intermediaries with a host of features and tools to record, manage and analyse the whole company's activities.


Morning Data Standards Flyer


Standards work well if everyone adopts them. They don't work quite so well if they're difficult to adopt or implement within your system. ACORD standards have been developed jointly by insurance practitioners and ACORD. They are easy to understand and adopt and are beginning to be used throughout the industry. This is why, at Morning Data, we have chosen to adopt the ACORD standards for XML messaging.



BARBIE ACORD XML Standards Proposal  
This is the specification for Global Physical risk (with Liability) reporting standards - to be live by 1st Jan 2015. It will be mandatory for all coverholders and required by all underwriters (Company and Lloyd's) for all business (not just binders)... Download